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EUMETSAT intends to develop a strategic action plan, building on existing experience and facilitating the exploitation of EUMETSAT data through the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)AI/ML potential, understanding its limitations.

Internship on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods

EUMETSAT - Darmstadt
Künstliche Intelligenz


The main tasks of the intern will be:

Support the finalization of a set of activities resulting from the 2021 AI/ML workshop that should be taken into account for the implementation of the EUMETSAT AI/ML road map (based on the outcomes of the AI/ML 2021 workshop);
Analyzing the most recent publications and AI/ML applications to climate, meteorological and environmental satellite data;
Support the development/implementation of tailored communication plans concept on EUMETSAT´s AI/ML road map;
In addition, the intern will support relevant day-to-day activities within the team.


Have the ability to work effectively in English;
Be computer literate;
Be intrinsically motivated and curious about the internship subject;
Be able to work independently and collaboratively;
Have the ability to take the initiative in researching ideas;
Have the ability to collect, collate, conceptualize and present information clearly.

Additional specific requirements:
Experience in developing projects within a team would be an advantage.


Length of internship: 6 months
Anticipated start date: As of March 2022

No salary is paid to interns who are still in studies, however a daily allowance and contribution to travel / accommodation costs may be provided. The conditions will be established taking into account the requirements and policy of the intern’s educational institution.

Interns are responsible for providing their own health and accident insurance and for finding their own accommodation in Darmstadt.

EUMETSAT is committed to providing an equal opportunities work environment for men and women.
Please note that only nationals of EUMETSAT Member States may apply.

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Sprachkenntnisse: English
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EUMETSAT is the European operational satellite agency for monitoring weather, climate and the environment. We operate a system of meteorological satellites that observe the atmosphere and ocean and land surfaces – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This data is supplied to the National Meteorological Services of the organisation's Member and Cooperating States in Europe, as well as other users worldwide. The service provided by EUMETSAT helps to enhance and safeguard the daily lives of European citizens. They aid meteorologists in identifying and monitoring the development of potentially dangerous weather situations, helping to mitigate the effects of severe weather and protecting human life and property.

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