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Leibniz-Institut für Gemüse- und Zierpflanzenbau Großbeeren/Erfurt e.V.
Theodor-Echtermeyer-Weg 1
14979 Großbeeren



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Frederik Börnke
Funktionelle Pflanzenbiologie

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Our group in IGZ is interested to unravel the molecular mechanisms of plant-pathogen interactions. This knowledge will help us to devise strategies for the development of horticultural production systems with less environmental impact.

PhD student in Plant-Pathogen Interactions

Leibniz-Institut für Gemüse- und Zierpflanzenbau Großbeeren/Erfurt e.V. - Großbeeren


In a project funded by the DFG on the subject “Functional analysis of bacterial type-III effectors in plants” we are looking for an ambitious PhD student. The current PhD project aims at the characterization of novel effector targets in plants & the elucidation of their roles in plant defence responses.
- Generation of DNA constructs for protein expression in plants, yeast & bacteria
- Infection of plants with bacteria
- Identification & characterization of protein-protein interactions using the yeast two-hybrid system & bi-molecular fluorescence complementation
- Characterization of indinduced defense responses in plants using molecular, cellbiology & modern genomics approaches


We are looking for candidates with
- a MSc degree or diploma in biology or related field with a strong emphasis on molecular and cellular biology
- a firm background in the field of plant-pathogen interactions
- good proficiency in English (both oral and written) and a good working knowledge of German


We offer
- an inspiring and dynamic research environment, including state-of-the art research facilities
- extensive supervision and an exciting project of considerable fundamental and applied relevance
- a place of employment located close to the city of Berlin

Weitere Angaben

Sprachkenntnisse: Englisch - Deutsch
Beginn: ab sofort
Dauer: 3 Jahre
Vergütung: bis zur EG 13 TV-L Tarifgebiet Ost
Anzahl der Plätze: 1

Angaben zum Unternehmen

The Leibniz-Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops (IGZ) conducts excellent research in a broad range of fields related to horticultural sciences. Resource optimised cultivation of crops inside controlled environment horticulture (CEA) such as greenhouses is the main focus of the research group ‘Protected Cultivation’ within the Program Area ‘Horticultural Systems for the Future (HORTSYS)’

Damages to the physiological apparatus caused by plant stress are known to be reversible up to a certain point, while mild stress can have positive effects on plants in terms of harvest product composition and other quality parameters. A possible solution to detect stress would be to combine data information from sensors with plant physiological models to so called soft sensors. In that, the knowledge of leaf morphology and especially stomata conductance play a central role. Understanding and systematic analyses of the signals controlling stomata behavior and their incorporation in stomata-modelling is still lacking important bricks.

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Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich Ingenieurwissenschaften

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